Spirit Airlines Master Executive Council

This is the official webpage of the Spirit MEC. We represent the almost 3,000 Spirit pilots with representatives from ALPA councils 18 (ACY, DTW, ORD); 77 (DFW, LAS), 109 (FLL, MCO); and 98 (Training)

Recent Publications

  • Crew Training informed the Association that there was an error in the training file they uploaded into NavBlue. Some training pairings were showing an improper report time of 1:15 minutes prior to the sim event, instead of the normal 1:00 for briefings. The file has been corrected and re-uploaded. We encourage all pilots that have already submitted a training bid this month to clear their cache before logging in again and verify their training pairings/bids.
  • Fatigue Management, ASAP Update in CLT and MIA, CCP and Pay Reports, New Hire N90, Pay Stubs and Sick/Vacation Time, Pay Accuracy Inquiries, Seniority List, Security Alert - ATL van
  • We have just received troubling reports from crews having security issues with the transportation at the ATL long stay hotel. A van arrived at the hotel claiming to be the crew transportation to the airport. It was not. Fortunately, the crew realized it didn’t seem right. They went back into the hotel, called the transportation company, and asked for details of the vehicle. The legitimate transportation company confirmed that the vehicle did not belong to them.
  • The SPA ALPA Safety Committee would like to remind you that tomorrow, January 19, the 5G C-Band Network goes active. Please review OB 22-01R2 "Interference with Radio Altimeter." As of today, we do not know if the radio altimeters on Spirit aircraft are affected. Please look for announcements and discuss these ongoing changes with all those with whom you fly.  If you have an anomaly, please notify ATC and when convenient fill out an ASAP report on www.spiritairsafety.com. Further, under "Additional User Options," please check the box to file this report with NASA.  The FAA has released a SAFO with further information regarding the rollout of 5G. If you have any questions, please file a DART via the ALPA mobile app or MY ALPA on www.alpa.org.
  • The Jumpseat Committee and the MEC are both actively working with the company to resolve the gate agent CASS sign-in issues. In the meantime, it is imperative that crewmembers make “The Walk” to make sure that no pilot is left behind. Multiple complaints have been received from other MECs that their pilots have been left at the gate due to the CASS sign-in issues. It is important that Spirit Crews do everything we can to make sure that no pilot is left behind. Please make checking the gate area part of your personal Before Start Checklist.
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Time to Give

If you’d like to donate whatever you can to ease the financial burden of the pilots, also, for those of you moving on to greener pastures, please consider donating your sick time to help your fellow pilots.

Flying the Line

The First Half Century of the Air Line Pilots Association. Listen to the podcast or read both volumes of Flying the Line.

SPA MEC Policy Manual

Rules and procedures for the MEC, its officers, and its committees to assist them in carrying out their primary duty as a coordinating council for all pilots of Spirit Airlines.