Spirit Airlines Master Executive Council

This is the official webpage of the Spirit MEC. We represent the almost 3,000 Spirit pilots with representatives from ALPA councils 18 (ACY, DTW, ORD); 77 (DFW, LAS), 109 (FLL, MCO); and 98 (Training)

Recent Publications

  • Grievance Update - Training Month Re-Basing - MSP 4/22 Dual Use - Pilot Peer Support - Hiring/Attrition Matrix - Stay Connected - Donate Your Sick Time
  • We would like to take a moment and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving holiday.It goes without saying that recent times have delivered an unmeasurable amount of stress and pressures to our lives. The unpredictability and speed which these changes are happening deliver a severe blow to normalcy. Nonetheless it is important to take time and reflect on the positive.
  • In the JPWG Training update published yesterday, we stated that the company had moved training for DTW based pilots from the LAS training facility to FLL. When the training bids were published, due to sim availability the company notified us that DTW FOs will have training at the LAS Training Facility in January.
  • We have had a few instances of crew training changing simulator times after they have been awarded and after final schedule. If you are awarded training, please take the time to screen shot your training slot times, as this will help us if there is an argument about simulator times changing. If you do notice a change, please bring it to our attention as soon as possible by sending a DART.
  • In mid-September, your MEC communicated to Spirit Airlines its unanimous opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, while encouraging our pilots to vaccinate as a matter of choice. Today, I am pleased to see that the company heard our voices and deep concerns on the matter.
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Time to Give

If you’d like to donate whatever you can to ease the financial burden of the pilots, also, for those of you moving on to greener pastures, please consider donating your sick time to help your fellow pilots.

Flying the Line

The First Half Century of the Air Line Pilots Association. Listen to the podcast or read both volumes of Flying the Line.

SPA MEC Policy Manual

Rules and procedures for the MEC, its officers, and its committees to assist them in carrying out their primary duty as a coordinating council for all pilots of Spirit Airlines.