Time to Give

If you’d like to donate whatever you can to ease the financial burden of the pilots listed below, please complete the “Time for Giving” form and then e-mail it to Spirit’s CrewPay Department at: crewpay@spirit.com

Also, for those of you moving on to greener pastures, please consider donating your sick time to help your fellow pilots.

  • FLL Capt Donald Geraghty (51870) is on leave.
  • ORD CA Jeff Butera (65509) needs significant time away from work to care for his daughter, who is battling Leukemia. Please consider donating sick time to help his family through this difficult time.
  • DTW CA Todd Hirshon "I am facing an unexpected surgery in the next 2 weeks and I will certainly run out of sick time"
  • DTW FO Scott Anttila (105341) has been diagnosed with a heart condition and will be on medical leave for at least six months. As he was a first year pilot at the time of his disability he is not eligible to receive any long term disability insurance benefits from the company.
  • FO Scott Boykin (76165) has had a rough year for medical reasons.  Asking for a few hours to help support his family.  
  • FLL FO Samuel Estrada (105356)  His wife is battling cancer and he is battling an eye issue that has yet to be diagnosed. He is likely to miss significant time.
  • CA Tomaselli FLL (67924) is out with a broken knee for next few months. 
  • MCO FO Paul Mauro (74475) Recently started cancer treatment. GoFundMe page
  • FLL F/O John Cunningham (73002) had an eye injury and is on leave. He expects to be back early 2022. 
  • DFW Capt Russell Griffith (68177) was involved in a serious accident on his way to work in early November, he will be out of work for a year and possibly more.
  • LAS Capt Sean Kiffor (60643) continues to undergo additional treatment and is currently unable to fly or teach. He will therefore have to resume his Medical Leave and will go back on LTD. Unfortunately, the sick hours currently in his bank will not be sufficient. Sean has a long road ahead of him and will need our help reaching this goal.
  • MCO FO Blair Johnson (76142) required a third shoulder replacement recently and has exhausted his sick time.
  • DTW Capt. Thomas Basham 71887 to the Time to Give page. Capt. Basham was in an accident last year that has required multiple back surgeries. He has depleted his sick bank and will be out for several more months recuperating.